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What We're Drinking

Beer Selection - Podcast 3

A variety of awesomeness. 

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For this podcast we actually have quite a variety of beer. Our traditional Guinness (bottle) and Green Flash were definitely in attendance. It should be noted that we did not include the Green Flash's palate wrecker since it was a bit harsh last time. Our newcomers were a Speakeasy's Ales & Lagers IPA, Sam Adams Summer Ale, Iron Maiden's Trooper, and Hobgoblin.



Speakeasy Ales and Lagers was definitly a hit. We have since had it at a second recording and a few parties in between. Dan brought a variety but the IPA seemed to be the best.

If you want to check out all the different brews that they have, head over to This San Francisco based brewary holds events in the CA bay area and you can reserve tickets directly from their site. Who knows, you may find TDP there. 

If you happen to be in San Francisco and want to sample direct from the brewery you can head to the Speakeasy Taproom. The official site is down at the time of this writing but you can read a great review here from








For those that want a beer that is a little lighter we choose the Samuel Adams Summer Ale. This is probably one of their better seasonal brews and is perfect for those long podcasting segments in the insane central CA heat.  





ironmaiden trooper

Bruce Dickinson - But you already knew that.


Mike saw this at BevMo and had to give it a try. Being the only 
self-proclaimed metal head of TDP dictates that he drink
and like this beer. Fortunately it is not that bad, but it fails to 
distinguish itself from similar British beers.

We would love
to fly and drink this beer in England but we're physicists and
if you listened to podcast 2, you know that we don't make
much money. If the show ever gets sponsored this may 
become a reality some day.



Much like the Trooper mentioned above, this is another English Ale. As far as taste, I (Mike) found it to be more palatable with more distinctive flavors.  Doug also shared a glass and he said that he liked it, but did not go into detail. Normally this would be consumed in colder weather, but we found it surprisingly refreshing in the summer sun.

Wychwood Brewery has a great website and there you can view all the upcoming seasonal brews. It will be interesting to see if we can find those in the States.

Beer and Lightning Double Win

Beer Selection - Podcast 1

Two Great Choices


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We at Ask the Drunk Physicists generally like darker and stronger beers. So for our first podcast we decided on Guinness (darker) and an IPA from the Green Flash brewery (stronger). If you haven't tried either I would recommend both. This will probably lead to them becoming our unofficial sponsor. Which is to say that we will endorse them without them endorsing us... i.e. giving us beer money



Palate Wrecker
I am going to make the assumption here that  most people have tried Guinness before, and with that said I want to focus on the Green Flash, Doug originally picked this beer because of the name and geographically speaking it is relatively local. If you are  not familiar with the phenomenon, it is a bright green light that can be seen just after sunset and just before sunrise


The beer itself is described by the brewer as "  It’s the most complicated West Coast–inspired IPA we have ever brewed—mashing and sparging with hopped wort, in addition to our hop layering regimen for IPA. ". When Dan and Doug tasted it, they described it as too complicated to describe. Regardless many bottles were finished. 


-- Dan, Doug, Mike