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Beer Selection - Podcast 4

Beer Selection - Podcast 4

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Podcast 4 Beer Selection



SpeakEasy Logo

 For those of you that are keeping up with our beer selection you will be familar with SpeakEasy from the last podcast. Dan keeps bringing this one in and we are always grateful.

Dan likes the IPA's the best, Mike tends toward the wheat beers, and Doug just likes anything that you put in his mouth. I don't think that Max got to this beer during the podcast time. We will have him try some next time he is in the studio.






This beer comes the Firestone Brewery located in Paso Robles, CA. You can find more info at their website. If you are in the central California region you will know this brewery from their 805 brand which is served at many local restaurants.


When Dan first tasted this beer he thought is was too sweet. Mike and Max were in agreement that it was sweet, but actually liked the taste and drank all of Dan's portion. If you navigate to the podcast 4 page you can listen to the extra audio near the bottom  and listen to our opinions. 









This is another new one that Dan brought in. I would say that everyone classified it as 'alright', and not much more. We may have one one back in the future but not anytime soon. Maybe Doug wants to give it a try.