Podcast 13




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Part 2

 We start this podcast off by drinking the last of the Lost Abbey brews. Thank you Max for bringing in these beers. This was a well rounded beer, and spoiler alert: Doug cannot tell the difference between citrus and cloves. 

Two items are discussed in this podcast. 

Section 1:  The 8 books that NDGT thinks that every educated person should read. We read off Neil's reasoning for selecting each book and then give out takes on the books. Then we try and come up with better books we think would satisfy the same criteria...or just better in general. Mike reads 4chan's \b version of the bible. Normally we digress but books and science books especially are 'sacred' to us, and we actually spend time trying to present better books for people to read. 

Of course we laugh and have a good time doing it. 

Section 2: Predicting what's going on in 2050.


Because we only read the abstract.



Books we Mention

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