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Podcast 11 - Part 1 and 2

Podcast 11 - Part 1 and 2




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Part 1


Part 2

We start out part two by reviewing the part 2 beer, which was damn near a wine. Assuming that Doug manages to do something with the beer blog you can read more about it there. We give a big thanks to our listeners and answer a lot of questions and respond to comments. Thank you to everyone who submitted, Max also tries to redeem himself from misspelling physicists in a previous podcast. Spoiler alert, he will have to keep redeeming himself. 

Our first main science topic (there was a brief spot on the Rosetta spacecraft and 67P) of the night involves talking (debating/arguing) about the James Webb Space Telescope and what wavelengths it can see in. We know it's infrared but we digress about where IR ends.  We settle that the limit is 1mm and that the cosmic background radiation easily (kinda) lies within it. We return back to Rosetta and Mike brings up the news about the scientist who was criticized for this shirt while he was on camera. We give a brief (or not) tangent on how the ancient egyptian language was cracked via the rosetta stone before we get back to the pactual comet 67P.

Max and Doug met earlier that day and did some calculations on finding the density of the comet. They were calculating based on the bounce time of the probe and trying to match the given values. There were a lot of problems and we also tried to get the answers before and during the show with no success. We bring up the topic again in future podcasts. 


--Mike, Dan, Doug, Max, and Dillon




Matt-TaylorDr. Matt Taylor and his awesome shirt.


Doug-DoingCalculationsDoug trying to figure out why the density calculations don't match the givens for 67P

Mike-DoingCalculationsAt this point we have almost given up.

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