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Podcast 3 Video Series

Video Series for Podcast 3

Fun with Radioactivity.


5-17-14 Glow


We promised in the second podcast that we would do some experiments and post them to YouTube. You can watch the first couple of videos here or on YouTube. The vids were shot at Doug's place and we thankfully keep the black light confined to one room. As always let us know what you think, and post questions, comments, or suggestions on new videos. 




Watch tonic water glow.



In this second video we play with radioactive substances. Don't try this at home, although we did, and definitely don't eat off of the Fiestaware. You can hear the geiger counter go off faster as it detects more radiation. 



Radioactivity is fun, but also dangerous. Don't play unless you know what you are doing or you feel like getting cancer in 5 to 20 years.